Hosting a Club Event

Application for sanction

An application for sanction is forwarded on the Sanction Application Form with the prescribed fee and must be submitted to the Boxing Ontario office at least 21 days prior to the date of the proposed event. For fees see updated fee structure.

Upon receipt and approval of sanction, the Boxing Office will send a copy of a signed sanction form to: The Regional Chief Official and the club wishing to host the proposed event.
The Regional Official is responsible for ensuring matches are as per CABA rules, selecting and notifying referees and judges for the competition.
The Regional Official will also receive a result sheet, which will be completed, signed and returned to the Boxing Ontario office within 10 days of the event.
A certified doctor of Medicine must be in attendance throughout a sanctioned event and shall not leave the venue before the end of the last bout and after he has seen the two boxers who participated in the bout.

A sanction is required to conduct:
  • Competitive boxing contests involving registered clubs and or members of the Association.
  • Exhibition bouts where more than one club is involved.
  • Sparring sessions where more than one club is involved and an admission fee charges or collection taken.

Any combination of the above.

Your sanction will be denied if:
  • Another club within your region has a show the same day.
  • It is a Boxing Ontario tournament or Gala weekend.
  • You do not comply with any Boxing Ontario rules and regulations.

Your sanction may be denied if it is a holiday weekend.


 Club Show Sanction Request Form (Online form)


Hosting a Club Show

Things to consider once your sanction request has been approved:

    1. Confirm the date, venue and Doctor.
      • Consider: Are there any big events going on in my area that may interfere with my attendance? Weather? Time of year?(Jan is tough to hold a show, March Break…)
    2. Venue & Equipment Needed
      • # of people to fit the venue so think of their maximum capacity. Smaller venues give the illusion of a packed house.
      • Ensure there is an area for warm up
      • At least 2 dressing rooms for Medicals (Male/Female), ideally one for the Officials as well.
      • Ringside tables and chairs for the judges, head table for the Chief Official, timer and doctor
      • 2 stools and 2 spit buckets; 1 for red corner and 1 for blue corner
      • 1 regulation Boxing ring
      • At least 4 sets of Competition Gloves. You may want to have a few headgear on hand to borrow as well.
      • Bell. Timer, Weigh Scales

      Consider: Local Bar, Community Centre, Your own club,

    3. Ring Announcer/DJ
      • You should have an MC or Ring announcer for your event. Someone who knows how to get the crowd excited and involved. The ring announcer announces the line up of bouts and announces the winner. You may also want the ring announcer/MC to give notice to your sponsors, thanks to those who helped, etc.
    4. Sponsors
      • Sponsors are a great way to give local businesses in your area exposure while helping you keep you costs low for you event. Consider getting someone to be a title sponsor for your entire event, or some to sponsor the medals or trophies. Remember a sponsor wants a Return on their Investment. What can you give them in return? How can you help them get more customers?
      • Food Sponsors – M&M Meat Shops, local stores to provide concession stuff(hot dogs, pop..etc), drinks for the officials & doctor
      • Ring Card Sponsors-you can put their logo on the Ring Card.
    5. Marketing
      • Tickets, Posters-definately a must to post around town,
      • Develop a theme for your event (ie. Boxing Day Brawl)
      • Use the internet to your advantage: Facebook – develop a club page the highlights your club and it’s events. You can use this to send out invites and advertise your event literally to the world!, Boxing Ontario website – we are happy to help promote, just ask!, Twitter, Press Releases.
      • Contact your local mediums: TV, Radio, Newspapers. Local mediums support a lot better than big box mediums. Consider advertising your poster in the local newspaper.
      • Ring Girl competition a couple weeks before in a hotel to promote the event.
      • Play up your club athletes have them on your card-your community, your athletes parents and friends will come out to support them.
      • Get Creative!!!
    6. Matchmaking
      • Send out a request approx 1 month before your event. It is helpful for you to send out your athetes that will be on the card and ask for match ups for them. It is ok to have bouts that do not include your athletes as well. When matching you must adhere to the rules of Boxing Canada and match according to age, weight, experience. Once done you must forward this list to your appointed Cheif Official for your event for approval (this will help your weigh in and medicals go smoother and less chance of bout cancellation due to mismatching)
      • Confirm all your bouts approx 1 week before the event to ensure no cancellations.
      • If you need help reaching the clubs contact Boxing Ontario we will be happy to help you!


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