Boxing Ontario carries Liability Insurance on behalf of its registered clubs and members.

This coverage carries a maximum of $2 million and includes sanctioned events, participant coverage, and spectator coverage. Registered clubs received details of the coverage and a certificate of insurance upon registration. Legal liability and insurance is an area of growing concern in all sports.

While our insurance does not indicate what specific training activities are covered it is imperative that clubs and coaches take every precaution to avoid injury and maintain a safe training atmosphere. In particular, Boxing Ontario’s insurance policy does not apply in cases where competitions are not conducted in accordance with the safety rules and regulations of CABA, where Boxing Ontario’s registration process has not been adhered to (registration and medical forms properly completed) and where diligence to avoid bouts between boxers who are unevenly matched has not been evident. This includes training sessions where sparring must be supervised by a competent coach (minimum level 1) or certified referee.

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