Club Development Program (CDP) Updates

The Club Development Program (CDP) was launched with the help of the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Through their help Boxing Ontario was able to create a program that will help new clubs, new members, and new club owners with the business side of ownership. This was an area that our organization and members wished to have more help in developing.

The program is available to all members of Boxing Ontario and it provides each tools to help them develop a foundation to build within their community.

This year Boxing Ontario welcomed fourteen new clubs as members to the Boxing Ontario family. Each of these new clubs was provided our CDP Manual to help guide them as they build their club within the community that they live. This manual will continually be looked at and upgraded as new information becomes available. This program is available to all of Boxing Ontario’s member clubs.

What is the Club Development Program (CDP)?

Through the support of The Ontario Trillium Foundation the Club Development Program (CDP) is being created to assist boxing clubs who wish to join Boxing Ontario as well as exiting clubs affiliated with Boxing Ontario. This program will help clubs form a foundation that will allow them to sustain a long and fruitful life in the boxing community as well as their own community.

Every club that becomes a member of Boxing Ontario will be provided a Club Development Manual. The manual focuses on the business side of boxing clubs to help our owners create a successful business foundation. More details are found below.

The Manual

This manual will focus on key areas that boxing clubs can use as references while building their club. Some of the areas that will be discussed in this manual include:

  • How to start a Boxing Club with Boxing Ontario
  • Programs and Services that Boxing Ontario offer such as insurance and coaching certification.
  • Technical aspects of Boxing Ontario such as registration of boxers and officials or the costs involved in affiliating with Boxing Ontario.
  • Fundraising, being provided some great and proven methods on how to fundraise for your club and how to go about creating your own ideas.
  • Sponsorships, providing you with the fundamental base to actively go and search for sponsors for your club by providing examples and ideas.
  • Website Development – providing you with information regarding developing your own website as well as programs you can purchase or download to help with the development of your site.
  • Equipment – what you will need to get your club started as well as contact information for Boxing Ontario’s supplier Top Ten who will provide great discounts for members.
  • Volunteers – How to create a volunteer screening model as well as ways your club can recruit volunteers.
  • By-Laws and Constitution – Help with the creation of your clubs by-laws and other policies.
  • There will also a section for all the important forms that Boxing Ontario has and that you will need as a member.

This program is being designed for the existing clubs of Boxing Ontario the new clubs just joining and especially for future clubs wishing to become a part of this exciting sport.

Who will benefit from this program?

Every boxing club that is a member of Boxing Ontario as well as anyone or any community that wishes to create and start up a new boxing club.

Why is this program important to Boxing Ontario?

Building a strong membership is important to Boxing Ontario and the stronger our clubs are the stronger our membership will be. Yes we currently have a lot of very strong clubs associated with Boxing Ontario but we wish to build more clubs and provide these new clubs the same opportunity as the strong clubs to survive. We do not wish a club to affiliate with us only to close up shop a year to two later due to lack or funding or guidance. Instead we want that club to grow stronger as each year passes not having to worry year to year if they are going to be able to pay bills or send their boxers to tournaments. We want all clubs to be self sufficient so they can concentrate on training Ontario’s best boxers rather than worrying about the bills.

Why would you want to join?

Joining the Club Development Program will benefit your club in many ways. As a new club coming into the Boxing Ontario family our program will provide you with what is needed to become a member club. We will also provide you with tools to succeed with ideas for sponsorship, where to look for funding, how to incorporate you club, what coaching courses you must take and what Boxing Ontario requires from you as a coach and owner of a club.

If your club is selected to be a part of this program Boxing Ontario will be offering funding for equipment and currently working with our sponsor on providing a boxing ring for you club. We feel that other then the facility that you run your club out of equipment is the most important thing to have.

About the Program

The Club Development Program (CDP) is the ultimate business plan for people or communities wishing to start a successful boxing club. This program will help clubs form a foundation that will allow them to sustain a long and fruitful life in the boxing community as well as their own community.

This program will have a manual that will provide clubs tools to be successful with such things as what is required from Boxing Ontario, how to become incorporated, what funding is available and how to go about applying for it to creating your club by-laws and constitution.

The CDP will have a variety of tools that you will be able to access as a member of the Club Development Program. Such things as the CDP manual, discounted rates with our corporate sponsor Top Ten as well as some potential start up funding for equipment that will help you get your club underway.

Does Boxing Ontario provide start-up funding for new clubs?

No Boxing Ontario is unable to provide funding. Boxing Ontario will provide new clubs funding avenues that they can explore and apply for on their own. Boxing Ontario will also provide guidence for clubs wishing to apply for various funding opportunities.

For further information please feel free to contact Boxing Ontario.

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