Program Objectives

Currently, coaches registered with Boxing Ontario are eligiable to attend the CHAMPS Program.
Please contact Erik Espinola at 416-426-7491 or for additional information.

champsTo provide clubs with a program that they can use to recruit NEW Boxers into their gyms.

  • to provide a systematic progression of an athlete’s development from the initial stages grade 4 (age 10) to the highest levels of completion available and follow the LTAD( long term athlete development model).
  • to provide a comprehensive development program for clubs to utilize so as to promote the necessary skill progression for athletes to follow regardless of their age, gender, ethnic background, skill or ability.
  • to provide clubs with the necessary benchmarks for athletes and coaches to follow therefore developing a more consistent athlete across the Province.

The program provided coaches with over 90 lessons including 260 photos and 72 videos

Champs Program Model

Stage Description Group
Stage 1 Boxing Mechanics, Square Position and Pivot Principles
Stage 2 Boxing Mechanics Square Position Walking and Punching Beginner : Bronze
Stage 3 Mechanics from Boxing Position
Stage 4 Jabs, Set Ups, Pendulum Steps
Stage 5 Footwork (Pendulum Plus), Defensive Techniques Intermediate : Silver
Stage 6 Jabs, Set Ups, Pendulum Steps Types of Attacks, Intro to Head Movement, Blocking, Covers
Stage 7 Footwork-Side Steps, Circling, Spinning Off, Feints
Stage 8 Elite and International Techniques Advanced : Gold
Stage 9 Putting it all together (How to Box Various Styles)
Stage 10 Final Evaluation

Also included is information regarding Funding Support, Fitness Practicals, Skill Evaluations and Lesson / Practice Planning.

To view the champs videos that go with the workbook please click here

The following coaches and clubs are now active in the CHAMPS Program.
Savoy Howe, Newsgirls Boxing Club, Toronto
Renell Minott, Newsgirls Boxing Club, Toronto
Sonja Parris, Newsgirls Boxing Club, Toronto
Holly Skinner, Newsgirls Boxing Club, Toronto
Rico Mancini
Jack Ireland, Uptown Boxing Club, Barrie
Mats Alexander, Liverpool Boxing Club, Pickering
Matt Thompson, Waterloo Regional Boxing Club, Waterloo
Gord Apollono, Top Glove, Sudbury
Don Nelson, Motor City, Oshawa
Rory Slater, Motor City, Oshawa
Joel Yip Chuck, TNT Boxing Academy, Guelph
Marcus Price, Ajax Boxing Club, Ajax
Robert Francis, Ajax Boxing Club, Ajax
Thomas Francis, Ajax Boxing Club, Ajax
Paul Robertson, Bluewater Boxing Club, Sarnia
Ron Gallen, Niagara Falls Boxing Club, Niagara Falls
Rick Cadhila, Waterloo Rgional, Waterloo
Taveena Kum, Waterloo Regional, Waterloo
Phillip Cloutier, Waterloo Regional, Waterloo
Colm Kerr, Waterloo Regional, Waterloo
Mike Powers, Motor City, Oshawa
Dan Wright, Motor City, Oshawa
Kyle Wright, Motor City, Oshawa
Brad Gonsalvez, Motor City, Oshawa
Lee Smith, Liverpool Boxing Club, Pickering
Paul Robertson Jr., Bluewater Boxing Club, Sarnia
Devin Gibson, Bluewater Boxing Club, Sarnia
Pam Robertson, Bluewater Boxing Club, Sarnia

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