What is BOX-ON!?

logo-boxonBOX-ON! is a new standardized youth fitness program dedicated to using boxing training techniques as a means of achieving a healthy, active lifestyle. The program is a non-contact routine that is adaptable to facility limitations and recreational schedules. It is intended for youth ages 8-17 and can be utilized by program administrators in all types of clubs and youth centres.

Administrators, participation in BOX-ON! has many benefits some of which include; building confidence and self esteem, encourage and help youth in the community to lead positive lives. Boxing Ontario invites all phys ed administrators, and youth fitness enthusiasts to incorporate this unique program into their schools and classes all for the LOW COST OF $70 PER CLASS!

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Meet the instructors

Kathy Ure
Head BOX-ON! Instructor

Charlotte Barker, Niagra Region
Dustin Forrester, Eastern Region
Mandy Bujold, Niagara Region
Rosa DeMelo, Southwest Region
Claudia Renkwitz, Southwest Region
Deb Jacquith, Southwest Region

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