Five senior women from Ontario will have a chance to compete against France this week. The girls are in Regina taking part in a training camp and Dual Match. All Canadian girls participating are on the National team.

The week long trip will begins with 3 days of training camp activities and then caps off with a dual match on May 2 and 4.

Dual Match Results for May 2, 2008

2008 Ken Goff MemorialCanada vs France – 02/05/2008
46kg Melanie Grenon lost toSara Hamraouri (FRA) RSCO-2
48kg Jacqueline Park lost to Sarah Ourahmoune (FRA) 23:36
50kg Mandy Bujold lost to Virginie Nave (FRA) 13:16
52kg Melissa Guillemette lost to Sahilia Ouchen (FRA) 17:25
54kg Christie Gervais won over Lorna Weaver (FRA) 29:17
63kg Katie Dunn won over Lucie Bertaud (FRA) 34:18
66kg Mary Spencer won over Farida El Hadrati (FRA) 34:11
75kg Arianne Fortin won over Alexandra De Hutten (FRA) 28:3

Rick Cadhilla and Daniel Trepanier
Pat Fiacco, Morgan Williams, Syd Williams, Frank Fiacco, Stephane Legault
46kg Melanie Grenon, 48kg Jacqueline Park, 50kg Mandy Bujold, 52kg Christie Gervais, 54kg Melissa Guillemette, 63kg Katie Dunn, 66kg Mary Spencer, 75kg Arianne Fortin

May 04


46kg        Sara HAMRAOUI (France) vs Jacqueline Park (Steeltown)

48kg        Sarah OURAHMOUNE (France) vs Melanie Grenon

50kg        Virginie NAVE (France) vs Mandy Bujold (Waterloo Regional)

52kg        Sahilia OUCHEN (France) vs Christie Gervais

54kg        Lorna WEAVER (France) vs Melissa Guillemette

63kg        Lucie BERTAUD (France) vs Katie Dunn (Border City)

66kg        Farida EL HADRATI (France) vs Mary Spencer (Windsor Amateur)

75kg        Alexandra DE HUTTEN (France) vs Amber Konikow (ONTC)