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Bronze Gloves 2019 Showcased The Gold Standard Of Boxing Ontario | Acknowledging The Top Achievers In The Tournament

By Marina Salis │Sun. June 23, 2019

We had a very successful weekend at our 2019 Bronze Gloves Boxing Ontario tournament. Boxers from across the country joined us at the Westin Hotel in Toronto, from June 21 through 23, for a weekend packed with impressive bouts, outstanding skill, and amazing sportsmanship. Boxing Ontario is filled with incredible clubs from all across Ontario; however, we’d like to recognize some of the clubs, coaches, and fighters who stood out this tournament.

Our Sportsmanship Award was presented to Destiny Boxing

Destiny was not only involved in this tournament but also plays a huge role in their involvement in the Boxing Ontario organization. Destiny goes above and beyond their own club to help all of the clubs here in Ontario, and their willingness to volunteer at upcoming tournaments is outstanding. Destiny demonstrates development in boxers at all levels from the grassroots to national level fighters. Destiny boxing is an outstanding contribution to the sport of boxing in Ontario.

Congratulations to Destiny Boxing for the Sportsmanship Award.

Our recipient for Coach of the Tournament was Matt Richer from Leading Edge Boxing In Thunder Bay

Coming all the way to us from Thunder Bay, Leading Edge comes down for tournaments, coaches’ meetings, and Boxing Ontario meetings a whole 24 hours away from home. This tournament, the coach has managed to work his boxers all the way to the finals and for that, we congratulate Matt and his coaching team for the well-deserved award!

Congratulations to Matt Richer and the team from Leading Edge (Thunder Bay) for being awarded Coach of the Tournament.

The Club Of The Tournament award was presented to one of our newer clubs to recently join Boxing Ontario Pembroke Boxing.

The coaches from Pembroke have been very active not only as coaches but also as volunteers too and officials for Boxing Ontario. We see Pembroke out at every tournament, which is outstanding for only having been a member for 5 months. This tournament, Pembroke brought us 7 boxers for some outstanding bouts. Boxing Ontario has many incredible clubs and members, but this weekend Pembroke Boxing stood out for us as the Club of the Tournament. 

Congratulations to Pembroke for Club of the Tournament.

Our recipient of the Best Female Boxer award was Caitlin Trenholme.

Caitlin has been boxing from a very young age, and it shows by her skill inside and outside of the ring. She shows up for everything, and both her and her incredible mom volunteer for Boxing Ontario every moment they can. Caitlin won her division in a very impressive bout against a tough opponent. Not only is this female a representative of boxing, but is also a role model for female boxers in Ontario, and anywhere she steps foot in a ring. 

Congratulations Caitlin Trenholme, our Best Female Boxer of the tournament.

Our recipient of the Best Male Boxer award for this Bronze Gloves tournament is Matt Ryan

Matt is a young and talented upcoming boxer here in Ontario. Matt not only gave an outstanding performance this weekend for our Bronze Gloves tournament but most significantly was the winner of the 2019 Canadian Championship in Victoria, BC. Keep your eyes open for this fighter’s bright future in boxing. 

Congratulations to Matt Ryan our Best Male Boxer of the tournament.

Officials Of The Tournament Awards were Presented To Anatolyy Mykhayletskyy and Nataliya Knyaz

Outstanding Official Award went to Anatolyy Mykhayletskyy, who only started officiating in February of this year. His dedication and commitment to boxing throughout the year has landed him as one of our best officials of the tournament. Congratulations to Anatolyy Mykhayletskyy for Outstanding Official as an official of the tournament. 

Outstanding Performance Official Award went to Nataliya Knyaz, who in a very short time has grown to be one Ontario’s most trusted officials in the ring. Standing at 5’2, Nataliya has accomplished more in the ring than most of us dream of. 8 time National Champion in Ukraine, we are lucky to have her talents continue in the sport. 

Congratulations to Nataliya Knyaz for Outstanding Performance as an official of the tournament.

Thank you to all of the volunteers, officials, ringside physicians, coaches, spectators and especially boxers for an amazing Bronze Gloves 2019. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming tournaments including Silver Gloves October 4-6 and Golden Gloves December 5-8 (dates to be confirmed).

Be sure to check our Event Schedules for updated dates for tournaments and club competitions throughout the year!