Boxing in Brazil has proved to be tough competition for our Ontario contenders. Isho Shiba suffered a devestating loss to his Brazil comeptitor in his first night of boxing. Isho suffering from a hand injury did his absolute best to hold on. A proud showing by Isho! His teammate Ibrahim Kamal came out strong and inflicted a blow to his component which resulted in a RSC in Round 1 decision. However his second bout in the quarterfinal ended on a sad note. His Brazilian component proved to be too much to handle. Ibrahim also recovering from a hand injury just could not hold on. Congrats on your efforts Ibrahim!

Boxing resumes today with first bouts for the Quebec teammates, Didier Bence and Sebastien Lalumiere. Ontario bids them Good Luck!

A reminder – ESPN has been awarded coverage of the games. So for those who have satellite….enjoy. The Pan Am Games is available on ESPN Desportes via Satellite. We will keep you up to date on further games coverage as they become available.

                                            OBRIGADO BRAZIL!!

                   XV Pan Am Games Team Canada

54kg   Isho Shiba – McGrory’s Boxing Club (Hamilton, ON)

60kg   Ibrahim Kamal – Cabbagetown Boxing Club (Toronto, ON)

91kg   Sebastien Lalumiere – Red One’s Boxing Club (Shefford, QC)

91+kg   Didier Bence – Mirabel Boxing Club (Laval, QC)

Pan Am Games Schedule

July 20, 2007     Round of 16

54kg   Isho Shiba (Hamilton, ON) vs. James Dean Pereira (Brazil)

60kg   Ibrahim Kamal (Toronto, ON) vs. Franz Mamani (Bolivia)
                                                RSC R1 1:57

July 22, 2007     Quarterfinal

60kg   Ibrahim Kamal (Toronto, ON) vs. Everton Lopes (Brazil)

July 23, 2007     Quarterfinal

91kg  Sebastien Lalumiere (Shefford, QC) vs. Rafael Lima (Brazil)

91+kg Didier Bence (Laval, QC) vs. Mike Wilson (USA)