Boxing Ontario has the following positions open. Please review the duties of the position you are interested in and send in your personal profile by the deadline – Friday June 22.


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1.   Submit ‘Boxing’ resume.

2.   Describe in brief the skills, experience, and expertise you bring to the Boxing Ontario (please refer to the duties in the position of interest).

3.   What would you like to accomplish as a member of the Boxing Ontario Board of Directors?




Duties of the Vice President of Protocol


The VP Protocol shall ensure that procedures in the Code of Conduct and the Discipline Policy are followed. Specifically, the VP Protocol shall receive reports of disciplinary infractions and determine how it shall be dealt with and notify the parties involved of the process; shall appoint an independent individual to conduct an investigation when warranted; shall appoint a Discipline Panel when required, ensure hearings are conducted according to the Discipline Policy; shall determine if the alleged infraction is of such seriousness as to warrant suspension. The VP Protocol shall also work with the Executive Director to ensure that the Policies and Procedures are followed and kept up to date. This includes maintaining that all members are following Boxing Ontario rules. The VP Protocol will perform such other duties as may from time to time be established by the Board of Directors   





Duties of the Provincial Official


1. The Provincial Official shall be a member of the Technical Committees and shall chair all meetings of the Officials Commission.

2. The Provincial Official represent the Corporation’s Officials Commission at all Canadian Amateur Boxing Association Referees/Judges Commission Meetings or appoints a qualified official to represent him.

3. The Provincial Official shall maintain an up to date list of Ontario officials and their qualifications for such meetings.

4. The Provincial Official shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

     a. To enforce the rules of the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association and the policies of the Corporation with respect to the entire    Corporation’s sanctioned competitors.

     b. To uphold and to improve the standard of officiating at all the Corporation’s sanctioned cards and competitions.

     c. To plan, organize and to carry out technical officials clinics throughout the province

     d. To monitor and to judge the performance of the entire Corporation’s officials, including their upgrading based on their performance throughout the year and at clinics.

     e. To be the “official in charge” at provincial tournaments, competitions, championships, invitational and international events. Or to appoint such an “official in charge.”

     f. To communicate with the Corporation’s Regional Officials and to inform them of all relevant new developments concerning rules and officiating.

     g. To place before the Technical Committee:

          1. All new rules for discussion and adoption, and

          2. To present these to the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association’s Officials Commission for approval and adoption.

     h. To appoint an Assistant Chief Official to assist him in the execution of his duties and to represent him in his absence.

5. The Provincial Official shall have the power to suspend from further participation at an event, competition or tournament, or downgrade any of the Corporation’s Officials for misconduct or knowing disregard of the Rules and Regulations. This will be done in collaboration with the VP of Protocol.  Any such suspension may be appealed in accordance with Section II of the Constitution.

6 The Provincial Official shall at all times further and protect the interests of the Corporation.



Duties of the Treasurer

1. The Treasurer’s main area of responsibility shall be financial.

2 He/she shall:

     a. Sign all instruments which require his signature, perform all duties incident to his office and have such powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board

     b. Ensure that a detailed financial report is available for all members of the Corporation attending the annual meeting

     c. Be responsible for the accurate recording of the Corporation’s staff salary documents

     d. Carry out the necessary procedures connected with the application for and recording of all Government grants

     e. From time to time or as deemed necessary submit the statements of financial transactions for the purpose of accurate record-keeping

5. The Treasurer shall at all times further and protect the interests of the Corporation.





Duties of the Provincial Coach

1. The Provincial Coach shall chair all meetings of the Corporation’s Coaches Commission.

2. He/she shall:

     a. Be responsible for the implementation of provincial coaching programs and the overall development and proficiency of coaches throughout Ontario

     b. Be responsible for the upgrading of coaches and the improvement of the effectiveness of coaching

     c. Assist in the planning, organizing and holding of regular technical coaching courses/clinics

     d. Assist other provincial coaches with particular coaching problems

     e. Communicate with other coaches and make available to all information on the national or international scene

     f. When requested by the VP Technical, represent the province of Ontario at provincial, national or international coaching meetings, clinics or seminars

     g. Assist the VP Technical in the planning and organizing of training camps for provincial teams attending national and/or international competitions and if requested assist with such training camps

     h. Recommend to the VP Technical the upgrading of certain competitors

     i. Assist in the selection of the Corporation’s teams for national and international competitions

     j. In consultation with other members of the coaching Commission select the coaches to accompany provincial teams whether attending national championships or out-of-province competitions.

3 . The Provincial Coach shall be responsible to investigate and prepare a report on discipline problems in respect to coaches and report such findings to the VP Protocol.

4.  The Provincial Coach shall at all times further and protect the interests of the Corporation





Duties of the Athletes Representitive

The Athlete Representatives will gather input and information from athletes and represent such information to the Technical Committee and/or Board of Directors; communicate and promote the view and interests of athletes; keep athletes informed of policies, program and development; define and secure athlete’s rights; and will perform such other duties as may from time to time be established by the Board.  The athletes representative shall be a member of the technical committee and shall be an advocate for athletes while in role.



Duties of the Marketing Rep

The Marketing Rep will:

·       Update the marketing plan for the organization in conjunction with the VP Admin and the Executive Director

·       Assist in the recruitment of potential sponsors.  

·       Assist staff in the promotion of all programs and services.


Required Skills/Background – a background in marketing and promotion – experience in fund raising and event management would be an asset.