Curtis Richard thunder bay Northern more info
Dan Desantis TNT Boxing Guelph Niagara more info
Daniel Love McGrory’s Boxing Club Hamilton Niagara more info
Daron Laban Central more info
David Finch Dundas Niagara more info
David Nash Inside the Ropes Niagara more info
Deedra Chestnut CCCC Boxing Central more info
Dennis Gurney Scotland Niagara more info
dewith Frazer Brampton Central more info
Dimce Dimitrovski Motor City Boxing Club Newtonville Central more info
Dom Sopoco Championship City South West more info
Domenic Tudino Huf Gym Mississauga Central more info
Don Nelson Courtice Central more info
Donald Clark Toronto Central more info
Donald Courtemanche Leamington South West more info
Donnie Clark Central more info
Douglas Bedard Border City Boxing Windsor Central more info
Dummy Coach Ottawa Eastern more info
Dwight Kelusky The Scrap Yard Boxing Gym Bridgenorth Eastern more info
Ecton Brown Gideon Boxing Academy Markham Central more info
Elton Brown Scarbrough Central more info
Emile Awe Reed Rudan Toronto Central more info
Erick Merlos Hamilton Central more info
Evan Gillard Motor City Boxing Club Oshawa Central more info
Fernando Cardoso Cardoso Boxing Central more info
Filip Ulanek Guelph Niagara more info
Fitz Vanderpool Kitchener Niagara more info
Floyd Porter Kent Athletic Youth Organization Chatham South West more info
Gabriel Tello Bolton Boxing Central more info
Garry Magbitang Motor City Boxing Club Central more info
Gary Rideout Cookstown Boxing Club Central more info
Gavin Arbuckle Final Round Boxing Ottawa Eastern more info
Geoffrey Kasonde Ottawa Eastern more info
Georgette Dunn Aurora Central more info
Gil Sopoco Championship City South West more info
Glen Posteraro Central more info
Gordon Apolloni ONTC Top Glove Boxing Copper Cliff Northern more info
Gregory Black Napper’s Boxing Club Port Colborne Niagara more info
Gregory Gayle Ottawa Eastern more info
Gustave Bombo Eastern more info
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