Are you an Argos fan?

Do you crave action packed sports?

Get your double dose on October 16, 2009! Boxing Ontario is teaming up with the Toronto Argos for an exciting day of Boxing and Football!


Join us as Boxing Ontario hosts the “Toronto Bang Up” of dynamic amateur boxing bouts on the grounds of the Rogers Centre from 5:30-7:30pm; then join thousands of football fanatics for the – yes you guessed it –  “Edmonton vs. Toronto Argos” game.


The Boxing event is FREE; tickets for the Football game are on sale NOW! 

Gold    Seating    $50      (Reg. Price $69)

Silver   Seating    $35      (Reg. Price $52)

Bronze Seating    $22     (Reg. Price $33)


To order your tickets please fill out the attached order form and fax, email, or mail it to Boxing Ontario, 3 Concorde Gate-Suite 202, Toronto, ON, M3C 3N7 Fax# 416.426.7367.


Tickets Order Form

Tickets Seating Chart