The Boxing Ontario Youth Fitness Program

What is BOX-ON!????

BOX-ON! the Boxing Ontario Youth Fitness Program, is a new initiative designed to introduce the sport of amateur boxing as a means of achieving a healthy, active lifestyle.  The program is aimed at children 8-17 years of age and is a fitness-based (non-contact), turn-key routine that can be used by sport and recreation administrators.  BOX-ON! is a FUN way for kids to be ACTIVE and improve their mental and physical development.

Instructional Seminar, Thursday, May 20

On Thursday, May 20, 2004 at 6pm in the Sport Alliance Building in Toronto, Boxing Ontario will host an Instructional Seminar for potential Instructors for the BOX-ON! Program.  We hope to see many people interested in participating in this project, as it is a great tool to promote boxing to youth and also get new potential members for your club.  We encourage members from across the province to attend, as BOX-ON! will become a province-wide initiative.  Sandwiches and beverage will be available. 

In order to participate in the BOX-ON! Program you must meet the following requirements:

–  Be a current member of Boxing Ontario, in good standing.
–  Possess a minimum Level 1 Coaching Certification or in the process of attaining Level 1.
–  Be energetic, well-spoken, and possess experience in working with children.
–  Possess a “safety-first” mentality, with the emphasis on having fun in a safe learning environment.
–  Be able to follow program guidelines and meet program standards
–  In the event you are asked to instruct a BOX-ON! class, be willing to participate in a police check.
–  Be able to attend the Instructional Seminar on May 20 AND ONE of our showcase events on either May 26 or May 27, 2004.

BOX-ON! Showcase Events

On May 26 and May 27, 2004 in Toronto (event starts 2pm each day), Boxing Ontario will host showcase events to expose our program to Boys & Girls Clubs of Ontario, Native Youth, and other Youth Centres.  This will be a free event for Program Coordinators and Sport Administrators to see BOX-ON! in action and determine if the program is a right fit for their kids.  It is also a dry-run for our instructors to see the program take place in a class setting and learn how to properly present BOX-ON!  More details on the showcase events will be available at the Instructional Seminar.

Why Participate in BOX-ON!???

Being a BOX-ON! Instructor has many benefits, some of which are:

–  BOX-ON! Instructors receive a paid honorarium for teaching the Program
–  Being a BOX-ON! Instructor enhances your coaching and volunteer portfolio
–  You can refer kids who want to pursue boxing to your registered boxing club and increase your club membership
– You are providing a community service and helping underprivileged youth to participate in a positive and confidence-building activity.
–  You are helping to improve Boxing Ontario membership numbers, which results in more government funding for all of our clubs


To participate in the Instructional Seminar and the BOX-ON! Program, please RSVP to Jason at 416.426.7045 or [email protected]  We look forward to seeing you on May 20th!