From the ACTIVE 2010 Organizing Committee:

We encourage all your clubs and members to participate in the Active2010 Challenge at the SkyDome on Saturday October 23rd, 2004.  We are looking for your commitment and support for this event, as it is a province wide, government supported event.

Some of you may have been familiar with the event that we ran last year, and this year we are making it bigger and better.  This year’s event will be open to not only the Provincial Sport Organizations, but also to high school kids.  The high schools will attend testing on Friday, while the PSO’s will be participating in Saturday’s testing.

The format this year will be 5-6 generic field tests (see below for list of tentative tests – this is subject to change) which everyone will participate in (and use to challenge for the title of fittest sport), then there will be two sport specific tests (speed/agility, and anaerobic lactic) that each sport can branch off and do.  This is to encourage a variety of sports to come out and be tested, as well to have a degree of sport specificity in the testing.  There will only be sport specific testing for PSOs which have a minimum number of 50 participants. For those sports which have less than 50, they will participate in generic speed/agility, and anaerobic lactic tests.

Helping us determine the sport specific tests for your sport is where you can get involved.  We would appreciate your input as to which tests you would like to test in the anaerobic lactic, and speed/agility categories for your sport.  With this could you please send us any normative data you have for these tests for the age categories: 6 – 10 years, 11 – 12 years, 13 – 14 years, 15 -19 years and 19+ years.

In order for us to make this sport specific testing possible, we need to have you be responsible for supplying 2 station supervisors for Saturday for your sport specific test to ensure is the tests are run properly (volunteers required, please contact Boxing Ontario!).

For more information on specific testing visit our Members Only Section.