Boxing Ontario honours and recognizes the accomplishments of the following Ontario boxers who participated in the Pan Am games.

1967, Winnipeg Canada

Walter Henry – Bronze Medal

1971, Cali Colombia

Bernard Guidon – Bronze Medal

1979, San Juan Puerto Rico

Ian Clyde – Bronze Medal
Patrick Fennel – Bronze Medal
Bill Rannelli

1983, Caracas Venezuela

Steve Nolan

1987, Indianapolis USA

Domenico D’Amico – Bronze Medal
Asif Dar
Lennox Lewis – Silver Medal
Nick Rupa
Danny Sherry

1991, Havana Cuba

Terry Campbell – Bronze Medal
Tom Glesby – Bronze Medal
Billy Irwin – Bronze Medal
Chris Johnson – Silver Medal
Greg Johnson – Silver Medal
Mark Leduc
Michael Strange

1995, Mar del Plata Argentina

Phil Boudreault
Michael Strange – Bronze Medal

1999, Winnipeg Canada

Troy Amos Ross – Bronze Medal
Domenic Filane
Jeremy Molitor – Silver Medal
Steve Molitor
Mark Simmons – Silver Medal
Adam Trupish
Zaya Younan – Silver Medal

2003, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

Jason Douglas – Bronze Medal
Andrew Kooner – Bronze Medal
Adam Trupish

2007, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Ibrahim Kamal
Isho Shiba

2011, Guadalajara Mexico

Mandy Bujold – Gold Medal
Mary Spencer – Gold Medal

2015, Toronto Canada

Artur Biarslanov – Gold Medal
Mandy Bujold – Gold Medal
Samir el-Mais – Bronze Medal
P.G. Tondo



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