The Boxing Ontario Annual General Meeting Minutes

Section 4.06 Annual General Meeting

The Corporation shall hold an Annual General Meeting of Members which shall be held no later than six (6) months after the end of the previous fiscal year. Business conducted at the Annual General Meeting will include:

  • presentation of the financial statement and financial position of the Corporation to its Members
  • reading of the auditor’s report to Members
  • appointment of the auditor
  • election, confirmation or appointment of Directors and Officers

Other business conducted at the Annual General Meeting may include:

  • presentation of resolutions that require approval of by the Membership
  • information about the Corporation of interest to Members

Section 4.07 Information about Annual General Meeting

If the business to be conducted at the Annual General Meeting includes amendments to the Constitution or Bylaws, the notice must include details of the proposed resolution. Information about other business to be conducted should be provided with the notice or as soon as possible thereafter.

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