The Ray McGibbon Gloves Tournament began with a flourish of eager boxers looking to capture top spots on the winner’s podium. With over 25 bouts taking place on Friday many boxers and spectators anticipated exciting bouts. Beginning the night, David Palacios (The Whip), Kary Moreira (Fighting Alliance) and Crystal Hughes (Waterloo) each won their bouts respectively. Perhaps the most anticipated bout was between Fighting Alliances’ Tristan Jean Gilles and Mohammed Awad of Tillers Boxing Club. A close bout from the beginning, Tristan Gilles leads the first round by a mere 2 points. However Mohammed came back to tie the round and eventually edged past Tristan to capture the win by 1 point.

Saturday’s bouts left standing room only seating as the word spread around St. Catharines of this event. Many of the bouts were action packed, had upsets and experienced surprising wins. Sunday’s bouts were all finals. Athletes, coaches and the spectators were all anxious to see the outcomes of the bouts. Each and every bout had the crowd cheering on their favorite. With over 30 bouts and the compounding hot weather, the Ray McGibbons was a success.

Honorable bout mentions go to Sam Sanford (Bigtyme ) vs. Liam McIntyre(Fighting Alliance), Brittany Borja(Tillers) vs. Alicia Kowalski.

A special thanks to the St. Catharines Boxing Club for making the 2007 Ray McGibbon Gloves Tournament a tremendous success.

A special thank you to Top Ten Canada for providing competition equipment and being on hand to serve the members needs.

The Ray McGibbons Awards:

Best Male Cadet: Kane Heron – HUF

Best Female Cadet: Brittany Borja – Tillers

Best Junior Female: Melinda Watpool- Tillers

Best Junior Male: Mike Roy: Leamington

Best Senior Male: Kwabena Koenya-doe – Sully’s

Best Senior Female: Amber Konikow – Top Glove

Best Male Bout: Brandon Caroll(McGrory’s) vs. Sherhei Serieux (Tillers)

Best Female Bout: Crystal Hughes (Waterloo) vs. Linda Scourtodis (Beaver)

Best Boxer: David Palacios – Whip

Best Team: Tillers Boxing Club

Boxing Ontario Awards Winners


Male Athlete of the Year: Ibrahim Kamal

Female Athlete of the Year: Katie Dunn

Coach of the Year: Joe Sandulo

Official of the Year: Sonny Wong

Volunteer of the Year: Val Ryan

Individual Club Awards

Most Competitive Members: Motor City

Most Non Competitive Members: Valley East

Club Athlete Development: Bigtyme & McGrory’s

Legends Inductees

Builder: Dr. Ken Taylor

Boxer: Johnny Kalbhenn

Official: John Wylie

Coach: Vinnie Ryan


Male Athlete of the Year: Isho Shiba

Female Athlete of the Year: Mandy Bujold

Coach of the Year: Vinnie Ryan

Official of the Year: Ajaz Khan

Volunteer of the Year: Deb Laba

Individual Club Awards

Most Competitive Members: Motor City

Most Non Competitive Members: Waterloo

Club Athlete Development Award: Bigtyme

Legends Inductees

Builder: Joseph Hajnal

Boxer: Margaret Canty

Official: Eileen Bender

Coach: Preston Roberts

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