The International Center was filled with stars and bright lights last night at the first annual Friends of We Care “Main Event”. It was night filled with great food and great fun as dignitaries from the Food and Beverage industry along with the honoured guest of the evening George Chuvalo, celebrated to raise funds to help send kids to Easter Seals Camps.

The highlight of the evening was a top notch 5 bout card. Athletes from local regions engaged in friendly rivalry and provided the crowd with entertainment. A special thank you goes out to all the coaches, athletes and officials who dedicated their time to make this a successful event.

Here are the results:

Bout 1     Jacob Rhules(Fighting Alliance) vs Rodolfo Velasquez (McGrory’s)
               Winner: Rodolfo Velasquez Decision: 3-0

Bout 2     Sam Vargas(Fighting Alliance) vs Saul Maradiaga(McGrory’s)
               Winner: Samuel Vargas    Decision: 3-0

Bout 3     Tamara Knowles(The Whip) vs Alanna Rabley(McGrory’s)
               Winner: Tamara Knowles  Decision: 3-0

Bout 4     Padraic Griffin(Big Tyme) vs Isho Shiba(McGrory’s)
               Winner: Isho Shiba   Decision: 3-0

Bout 5     Mike Dewilde(BigTyme) vs Ryan Matthews(Old Town)
               Winner: Ryan Matthews    Decision: 3-0