The National Senior Championships has begun in St. Hyacinthe, QC. Athletes from all over Canada are all vying for the coveted spots on the National Team.

Last night saw the first round of competition begin and proved that Ontario is no one to contest with. Team Ontario was off to an amazing start winning 6 out of 7 bouts.

Thursday January 25, 2007

8-10 am – Accreditation, Weigh-in and Medical

Noon – Draw

7:00pm – 1stBoxing Competition


Semi Final: 54 kg Isho Shiba (Hamilton, ON) def Fred Sirard (Que)43-31

Semi Final: 54kg Clay Dales ( Oshawa, ON) def Stephen Cannell (NS) 28-24

Semi Final: 57kg Ghislain Madmuma (Que) def Padraic Griffin (Orangeville, ON) RSCOS-2

Quarter Final: 60kg Richard Chau (London, ON) def Jason Williams (Sask) RSCOS-3

Quarter Final: 60kg Ibrahim Kamal (Toronto, ON) def Pier-Olivier Cote (Que) 30-20

Quarter Final: 75kg Richard Reittie (Toronto, ON) def Francy Ntetu (Que) RSC-3

Quarter Final: 66kg Fem. Erin Krekowski ( Bridgenorth, ON) def Maria Lewans (Sask) RSCOS-2


Friday January 26, 2007

8-9am -Weigh-in and Medical

1:00pm – 2nd Boxing Competition


Quarter Final: 50kg Fem. Mandy Bujold (Kitchener, ON) vs Veronique Pascoal (Que)

Quarter Final: 57kg Fem. Wendy Baird (Ottawa, ON) vs Lucia Larcinese (Que)

Quarter Final: 64kg Jonathan Bochner (Toronto, ON) vs Joanthan Brisebois (Que)

Quarter Final: 64kg Andre Gorges (Windsor, ON) vs Kevin Bizier (Que)

Quarter Final: 69kg Adam Trupish (Windsor, ON) vs Kelly Page (Man)

Quarter Final: 69kg Steve Rolls (Orangeville, ON) vs Nathan Kulczyski (BC)

                                           RESULTS: Coming Soon

7:30pm – 3rd Boxing Competition


Semi Final: 48kg Fem. Jacqui Park (Hamilton, ON) vs Valerie Bedard (Que)

Semi Final: 54kg Fem. Rosie Thomas (Ottawa, ON) vs Isabelle Menard (Que)

Semi Final: 60kg Richard Chau (London, ON) vs Marc Boissy (Que)

Semi Final: 60kg Ibrahim Kamal (Toronto, ON) vs Curtis White (NS)

Semi Final: 60kg Fem. Alison Hunter (Windsor, ON) vs Genevieve Lachance (Que)

Semi Final: 63kg fem. Katie Dunn (Windsor, ON) vs Claudia Renkwitz (Windsor, ON)

Semi Finale: 66kg Fem. Mary Spencer (Windsor, ON) vs Karine Hardy (Que)

Semi Final: 66kg Fem. Erin Krekoski (Bridgenorth, ON) vs Danielle Quee (BC)

Semi Final: 75kg Fem. Amber Konikow (Sudbury, ON) vs Nancy Laroche (Que)

Semi Final: 75kg Richard Reittie (Toronto, ON) vs Joet Best (NS)

Semi Final: 81kg Jason Douglas (Windsor, ON) vs Matthew Morgan (Man)

Semi Final: 81kg Glenn Hunter (St. Catharines, ON) vs Danny Perez (Que)

Semi Final: 91kg Justin White (Hamilton, ON) vs Grayson Wells (BC)

                                               RESULTS: Coming Soon