Over this Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Boxing Ontario had 5 exceptional women depart for South America to represent amateur boxing at the 2007 Women’s Pan-Am Championships in Guayaquil,Ecuador. The Championships which are taken place from October 3 to 10 is one of the many anticipated tournaments this season.

These championships precede Katie Dunn’s bout being featured as a demonstration sport at the Men’s World Championships later this month, Katie Dunn along with Mary Spencer (Windsor Amateur), Mandy Bujold (Waterloo Regional), Amber Konikow (ONTC) and Jackie Park (Steeltown) have all been preparing hard for this championship.

    Katie Dunn                     Mary Spencer                Jacqueline Park

         Mandy Bujold                                  Amber Konikow

Team Canada:  
46kg Stephanie Hamel, 48kg Jacqueline Park, 50kg Mandy Bujold, 52kg Vicky Pelletier, 54kg Isabelle Menard, 57kg Sandra Bizier, 60kg Elissa Gauthier, 63kg Katie Dunn, 66kg Mary Spencer, 70kg Ariane Fortin, 75kg Amber Konikow, 80kg Maude Begeron

Team Manager:
Diane Bechard

Team Coaches:
Gord Apolloni and Mike Moffa

Team Official:
Lucie Chiasson


Friday October 5, 2007

50kg  Mandy Bujold win to Alba Iris(Dominican Republic)  RSCOS-2

63kg  Katie Dunn win to Carla Fleita (Brazil)  RSCOS-2

Saturday October 6, 2007

48kg  Jacqueline Park lost to Marlen Esparza (USA) 18:9 BRONZE

50kg Mandy Bujold win to Stella Soarez(Brazil)  8:1

Sunday October 7, 2007 (Semi Finals)

63kg  Katie Dunn win to Queen Underwood (USA) 20:10

66kg  Mary Spencer win to Lisa Kuronya (USA) 13:5

Tuesday October 9, 2007 (Finals)

50kg Mandy Bujold win to Cheryl Houlihan (USA)   GOLD

63kg Katie Dunn win to Celeste Peralta (Argentina)  GOLD

66kg Mary Spencer win to Wendy Allan (Trinidad)  GOLD

75kg Amber Konikow loss to Franchon Crews (USA)  SILVER