Paul Chau London Boxing Club Niagara more info
Paul Chau London South West more info
Paul Demelo King Of The Ring Mississauga Central more info
Paul Hughes Windsor South West more info
Peter Sjouwerman Peter Sjouwerman, Bramalea Boxing Club Orangeville Central more info
Peter Henshaw Thousand Island Youth Boxing Club Central more info
Peter Panetta Underground Boxing Club Northern more info
Peter Wylie Toronto Central more info
Peter Yannacoureas Sudbury Northern more info
Philie Brunt Waterloo Boxing Kitchener Niagara more info
Philip Hoftyzer Beaver Boxing Club Nepean Eastern more info
Rafael Delgado Mississauga Central more info
Ranny Tal Revolution MMA Vaughan Central more info
Ray Napper Fonthill Niagara more info
Rey Morales Scarborough Central more info
Richard Ayotte Young's Point Eastern more info
Richard Lewis Martial Arts Fitness Academy Central more info
Richard Souce Toronto Central more info
Rick Cadilha Kitchener Niagara more info
Rick Dunn Fearless MMA Central more info
Rico Mancini Toronto Central more info
Rob Rutherford Brantford Black Eye Brantford Niagara more info
Rob Caron Warrior’s Boxing Club South West more info
Robert Bukowinski Milton Central more info
Robert Hart Windsor Amateur Boxing Windsor South West more info
Robert Wilcox Hamilton Niagara more info
Robyn Richard St. Catharines Niagara more info
Rocky Floriano Central more info
Rodolfo Velasquez McGrory’s Boxing Club Hamilton Niagara more info
Ron Gallen Niagara Falls Niagara more info
Ross Mylet Bay Area Athletic Club Oakville Central more info
Ryan Grant Central more info
Ryan Rannelli No Excuse Fitness Burlington Central more info
Sal Marra-MacInnes Bramalea Central more info
Sam Cannarella Hard Knocks Boxing Club Central more info
Sasa Belina Hard Knocks Boxing Club Central more info
Savoy Howe Toronto Central more info
Scott Copeland Niagara Falls Boxing Thorold Niagara more info
Scott Eccles Ennismore Eastern more info
Scott Paul Niagara Falls Boxing Niagara Falls Niagara more info
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